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Welcome to the special bonus round for the end of this year. The idea behind this edition was to give a fair chance to songs that may not have a real video clip but only videos with an image and/or a simple lyric video. Songs that often are just as good or maybe even better than the songs that get all the coverage from being released. To give these songs the chance to be judged on the music and not be overshadowed by other songs that may have great videos we have created this audio only edition.

We have not received as many entries as we would have liked but the edition is still taking place, as a bonus round.

Every player is invited to vote in this bonus round, also when you haven’t sent a song yourself. If you have sent a song, we expect your vote as always, when not voting 20 points will be deducted of the final result (or put on 0 if less than 20 points were received). The deadline is the same as every other round; Monday 4 January 2016, 21.00 PM CET.

Below the songs you will find the voting rules for this bonus round.


These are the entries:

  1. Estonia – Black Velvet – Võidusõit
  2. Lithuania – Leon Somov & Jazzu – Po mano oda
  3. Italy – Anna Oxa – Quando nasce un amore
  4. Netherlands – Hind – Stay
  5. USA – Aeralie Brighton – Unbroken
  6. Spain – Victoria Riba – Nunca te regalara una cancion

1 Estonia

2 Lithuania

3 Italy

4 Netherlands

5 United States

6 Spain


How to vote

As only six entries are in there’s no need to say a ‘normal’ voting is impossible. That’s why the voting will go as follows:

Send an e-mail to mail @ songvision . nl (without the spaces). Your favourite song gets 7 points, your 2nd favourite gets 5 points, and 3, 2 and 1 points are for your 3rd, 4th and 5th favourite song. You may not vote for your own entry.

Once again, the deadline is Monday 4 January 2016 – 21.00 pm CET.


You can use this form to vote if you want (copy-paste in your e-mail)


7 points:

5 points:

3 points:

2 points:

1 point:


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