All votes have been counted for this round and as the title already gives away – we have a very unique situation this time!

You can check the points here – and that will show why these results are so special..

In the block below this line you will find what this means. To avoid spoiling, this text is typed in white, so just select it to have it visible..

So, we have no less than 3 countries with the exact same amount of points tied at the first place, and two of them are sent by the same player! Any of these three can be the winner, as the scorewiz page probably uses their own tie-break rules..
Checking the number of juries that voted for each song shows that both Ireland and Japan are tied here as well with six voters each. The winner however is – SPAIN! No less than eight juries voted for Rosa’s song.
Juan takes the second place as well, as the Irish song received once the famous douze points (the only one in the top 3!)
Officially the third place is for the country that defended its victory – so big congratulations to Matthew and Juan!

Keep sending your entries for edition 199 until next Monday 9 December 2019, 9 pm CET.