After the Spanish victory in the last edition, the next one is in the north of the country; in the city of Pamplona.

Again we have 22 participants for this next round, but first we will listen to the winning song:

These are the candidates for edition 209:

  1. Armenia – Roza Filberg – Ex xandum em
  2. Spain – Agoney – Libertad
  3. Brazil – Dilsinho – Onze e Pouquinho
  4. Puerto Rico – Pedro Capó – Buena suerte
  5. Faroe Islands – Danny & The Veetos – Farvæl
  6. South Korea – NIve – Who I am
  7. Greece – Shantel & Areti Ketime – Dysi ki Anatoli
  8. Belgium – Mustii – Blind
  9. Slovakia – Bystrik – Po tvojom boku
  10. Russia – Elena Temnikova – Revnost
  11. Somalia – Amaal – Later
  12. Sweden – YOHIO – Oh My… Polkadot politics
  13. Israel – Carakukly – 9 Neshamot
  14. Italy – Giulia Luzi – Un abbraccio al sole
  15. Czech Republic – Lenny – Wake up
  16. Germany – Zoe Wees – Control
  17. DR The Congo – Lous and the Yakuza – Dilemme
  18. Tanzania – Tiggs da Author – Georgia
  19. Japan – Rina Sawayama – XS
  20. United States – Lauren Daigle – You say
  21. Lithuania – Evgenya Redko – Deivės
  22. France – Julia – Et toi mon amour


Votes can be sent now until next Monday 9 pm CET when we will announce the results as usual.

The next edition will be a special one. As you all know, it was supposed to be the week that the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest would be held, which is unfortunately cancelled. Our initial idea was to do our own Eurovision voting with all the 41 songs. However, many websites, groups and even TV channels are already doing this so we feel another one wouldn’t add much.

Our next edition will instead be a home cover edition!
The rules will be quite easy, to allow for as much creativity in the entries:

  • Entries are not linked to countries, just to yourself. So it will be possible to have multiple artists for North Korea, Uzbekistan, Malawi or wherever.. When the songs are put online, we won’t reveal who sent what, we will do that with the results as usual.
  • It is also possible that an artist participates more than once.
  • But, if the same song (by different artists, or the same one) is entered twice, the last person to send that song will be asked for a replacement.
  • You can send any song, including previous entries, BUT the song must be a cover for the artist singing it; not an original song for him/her/them.
    An example to clarify: a home cover version of Duncan Laurence singing Arcade is not allowed, but he can be sent singing the first Eurovision winner (if that video exists of course, just an example..). The other way around; any other singer may be sent with a cover of Arcade.
  • Of course, the title already says it.. please send a video recorded in a home setting!