After an incredibly tense voting last round we ended up with a tie which was won by Latvia for having received points from more players. At Eurovision there was no luck for Samanta Tina last week, who had about the same fate has Triana Park in 2017. However, Triana Park did manage to win our last round, with Malos Pelekos, in duet with Igo. Let’s hear it live!

For our special Eurovision edition we have received 18 countries. Initially there were some double countries (and even one double artist!), which has caused us  a delay as for this special round we wanted to accommodate as many of the entries as possible. To do so, some songs have been placed under a different country than submitted, so we would like everyone to look through the non logical countries and judge the songs!

1. The Netherlands – Douwe Bob – Ready or  not
2. Canada – Marie Mai & Jonas – Jamais trop tard
3. Albania – Rod – Hologram
4. Norway – Red Moon – Dogma
5. Israel – Raviv Kaner – Rotza Shalom
6. Greece – Katerine Duska – One in a million
7. Kazakhstan – Dimash – Across endless dimensions
8. Bulgaria – Victoria – The funeral song
9. Sweden – Måns Zelmerlöw & Polina Gagarina – Circles and squares
10. France – Barbara Pravi – Personne d’autre que moi
11. Portugal – The Black Mamba – Crazy Nando
12. Italy – Måneskin – Vent’anni
13. Malta – Ira Losco – We are the soldiers
14. Hong Kong – Alfred Hui – Negative
15. Switzerland – Gjon’s Tears – Babi
16. Cyprus – Stefania – Friday
17. Ukraine – Go-A – Vesnyanka
18. United Kingdom – Nicki French – Steal the crown

The deadline is the normal one; next Monday 31 May 9 pm (21.00h) CET.