We have the votes for the 70th edition, and we have the final winner in 2014. Who will it be? We will soon find out.

Unfortunately one person has not been able to send his votes. Pascal’s entry will end with 0 points in the official ranking.

As you already know, from 2015 we will play with a revamped format. The new format means the end of the seperate Free Choice Rounds. From now on there will be a free choice component in each round. This way we have combined suggestions from players who prefer to play with fixed countries and others that would like to have more freedom and varied options.

The rules for 2015 have been published. Entries for round 71 can be submitted starting Saturday 27/12 (so as soon as both Christmas days – 25 and 26 December) are over. From Monday 29/12 also the bonus entries can be sent. One day later all countries are available – as long as it hasn’t been picked yet! (Which means it can also be your regular country if someone else didn’t take it yet).

Let’s find out who will be the final winner of 2014 and the overall winner of the year 2014!!
Check the results here!



Here’s the list with the countries everyone played with in edition 70, in random order!

  1. Ben – USA & Poland
  2. Edwin – Norway
  3. Gerbert – Slovakia & Portugal
  4. Romeo – New Zealand
  5. Joost – Northern Ireland
  6. Gretel – Germany & Mexico
  7. Jeroen – Italy
  8. Ron – UK
  9. Juan – Sweden & Ireland
  10. Pascal – Netherlands
  11. Mehmed – Greece
  12. Ruud – Australia
  13. Desiree – India & FYR Macedonia
  14. Conny – France & Romania
  15. Ronald – Spain
  16. Michiel – Kuwait & China
  17. Jacco – Azerbaijan & Slovenia