Happy New Year! We wish you all the best for 2017. Also a year with fresh new Entries. We hope to hear great song in the forthcoming year. Also But first we have to announce The winner of the year 2016. This will be announced tomorrow after the voting deadline. Also there are some slight changes for next year. Read them carefully below: …

Preferred countries: During the whole voting week ’till Monday 21:00, 9pm.
Other countries: During the voting week from Saturday, Sunday, Monday ’till next Monday 21:00, 9pm.

From now you ONLY can submit ONE preferred country, but you can still choose 1 European and 1 Non-European as your preferred country in the list as long as you play with both at least once in 10 Editions. If you play with 1 preferred country it has be be submitted in at least 1x in 5 Editions.
When gaining a bottom-3 result, someone else is allowed to play with that country next Edition. In case you have chosen an Entry, you have to choose another Entry.

Regular Covers are allowed, but it has to be a new release. Not an older video with a new publishing date.

The substitues will be slightly reduced. It’s now a maximum of 3.

Solo Artists can be submitted 3x each Calender year in any combination.

All changes have been updated in the Rules section.