All the best wishes for 2020 first of all! May it be a happy, healthy, loving ánd musical year to all of us.

This last round we had no less than 35 entries to celebrate the 200th edition. Luckily everyone voted so no substitute votes had to be used. We will continue the celebrations in the first round of this year, but more about that a bit later!

Because it’s the new year and we have a jubilee edition we are just throwing another host city in the ring for this time, because contests often just go to the capital. Welcome to Nicosia!

Now it is time to check out the results of this 200th edition. The points in the ranking are the final ones of the 2019 ranking, so good luck to everyone! Check the voting here!

As mentioned before, we are continuing the celebrations in edition 201, with guests! For this we have invited our former players to participate once again with one entry each. How many extra songs we get is of course a surprise. And who knows will be back to stay!

As usual the entries can be sent for one week until next Monday 9 pm CET (21.00h)