Good evening Europe and the rest of the World, live from Brugge we present the latest results. Before we reveil them there’s something special to the next Edition. The Eurovision Songcontest is in Rotterdam and the rehearsals are currently running. Normally we would pause the SongVision or organize an Edition with a smaller amount of songs, but this year it’s different. During this period we offer you a Special Edition with a slightly extended deadline, but you can still submit 2 songs! ;)

Theme: Artists who participated @Eurovision OR other Songcontests through the world. Give some info about the relation to the artist and contest in the comments.
Deadline Song submission: 10-5-2021 ’till Monday 24-5-2021 (21:00 CET)
Deadline Voting: 24-5-2021 ’till Monday 31-5-2021 (21:00 CET)
We hope you ALL will participate @this Special Editon.

But now … here are the results, with substitutes. Canada and Ireland did not submit their votes. The best of luck and see you in …