Good evening everyone,

We have the results of Edition-171, but before we give you the scores, we tell you more about the special Editions in december. (173 + 174)
There are 3 edition’s left for 2018.

Edition-172: Regular edition

Edition-173: 2ND Chance Edition:
This Edition contains Artists which took part at SongVision once before, but with another song which hasn’t been chosen before. All artists who took part before the 149th Edition are permitted. ONLY This Edition there are no chosen countries, but if an artist had been chosen, it will be announced at the frontpage. Everyone can submit two entries.
This Edition there is no bonus score for poule B countries or languages, as usual, but we give 1 point extra for the 6th-10th place. And of course 5 points for the 1st place, 4 points for the second, 3 for the 3rd and 2 for the 4th and 5th place.

Edition-174: Songs between 2005 and 2015.
ONLY this Edition artists who passed away are also allowed.
This Edition the bonus points will be awarded like the regular Editions.

Here are the results. The best of luck!