Good evening music lovers live from Italy, Palermo!

We present you the 23 countries and wish you fun and the best of luck with the votes. From now on you also can submit your entry for Round-70. The free choice round. You can pick any country you want, but … Don’t pick a country you already have played with in the last free choice rounds and think a little longer about a quality song. We want the last round of 2014 to be the Best one of the year!
All the chosen countries will be updated during the day.

There 6 more medals to earn for 2014.
Who will be the year winner? We will know it after round 70.

This is the current top-3:

1. Conny (2x Gold, 3x Silver, 6x Bronze)
2. Jeroen (2x Gold, 2x Silver)
3. Romeo (2x Gold, 1x Silver, 4x Bronze)

14 Players are still in the race for the title ‘Player of 2014’.