Rules of this Game


SongVision is a 4-weekly based online music video contest.

In the first 2 weeks you submit 1-3 songs with video links.
After the deadline the video’s will be published on the website.
After the launch you can submit your votes. The results will be revealed with a scoreboard link.

The Contest has two rankings based on the 4-weekly results & earned points + medals in a total year ranking.
Every edition, the songs will be rewarded with points + the Top-3 countries earn a Bronze, Silver or Golden medal.
All medals will be counted and classified in a medal table just like the Olympic Games.
At the end of the year we’ll announce the best player and country of the year. Every new year we‘ll start with a new ranking.

Besides the medal rankings, we also present an yearly individual player’s contest every based on earned points and individual medals.
All historical medals are counted and published on the Wall of Fame.

The Scoring

For 2023 a new style of scoring will be used. The game will me more challanging and exciting. It’s up to you to decide, with every new edition, if you play with 1-2 or 3 countries. You can play the game tactically on your own way. Example: If you play with 3 countries you have more chance to make the top-10. But the rewardings will be lower than playing with 1 or 2 countries.

If you try to play with 1 or more Bonus Poule countries and you will get good results, the bonus rewardings will be high!
Still we give ponus points by making the top-3 with consecutive medal scores!
But If you play with 3 countries, the ‘ any colour consecutive medal’ will not rewarded anymore.




You have (almost) 2 weeks for submitting the songs and (almost) 2 weeks time to vote.
After the deadline the New Edition and/or the results will be published (as soon as possible)
As soon as the events have been published or moderated everyone will receive a message by mail. .


The draw for the running order and voting order will be randomized by a draw program.
Of two songs with the same kind of styles are drawn they will be switched 1-3 levels up or down.

A. For every Edition there is a minimum of 6 players needed.
B. The limit for 1 Final is 10 players with a maximum of 30 songs Every Edition.
C. If there are more than 10 players and everyone plays with max. 2 songs, then for the 3nd Song a Relegation system will be used as follows:

11 players = 1x Top-9 needed to earn the 3rd song 
12 players = 1x Top-8 needed to earn the 3rd song 
13 players = 1x Top-7 needed to earn the 3rd song 
14 players = 1x Top-6 needed to earn the 3rd song 
15 players = 1x Top-5 needed to earn the 3rd song 

A. Every Edition you can decide which country you want to submit. The countries are mentioned in Groups: Main Countries, Bonus Countries, Preference Countries & The Big C’s.
B. The Big-C’s is a group of 6 countries with a mix of the highest average historical results and potential. This group of countries can be picked by anyone in any Edition and will be evaluated at the end of the year. There is a limitation of 1 Big C per player per Edition. And not more than 2 Editions in a row.

Big C’s
1 France
2 Germany
3 Italy
4 Sweden
5 United Kingdom
6 United States

C. The names of the Players and the Country Poules are mentioned on the Countries and Players page.
D. Requests and/or suggestions of new regions can be made in the ‘comment section’ of the Entry form.
E. The names and flags of the chosen countries will be published on the frontpage during the week. The time of arrival of the entry counts. There are no rights in case of (technical) delays.
F. Every player can play exclusively with 1 preferred country every edition. You can only pick your favourite Preferred country from the Main Countries Group. (see list on player’s and countries page)
G. Preferred countries can be exclusively chosen during the Voting week. As soon as the scoreboard has been reveiled, anyone else can submit this country for the next Edition for 1 time.
H. At the end of the year we’ll send a request for a new preferred country list.
I. If you are inactive, forget to vote regularly we can decide to make your preferred county available for other players.

A. All artists can be checked at the Artist index.
B. Has to be alive. Written songs by deceased artists are permitted.
C. Originally born OR with parents who were born there.
D. From mother countries of special areas (see players and countries page)
E. Can be submitted only once each Edition. (in any combination)
F. Every vocal must be traceable on Google / Wikipedia. If there are any doubts entries can be rejected.
E. DJ’s are an exception. Their nationality can be used for your entry if the vocalist(s) on the track are not world-famous yet.
F. Artists can be submitted 5 times in each calender year in any combination.

A. The videoclip of the Entry must be no older dan 20 years and/or officially released after 1-1-2003.
B. Videoclips can be longer, but the Songs can be no longer than 5 minutes.
C. Must contain vocals with a minimum of 1 couplet or refrain.
D. Songs are free of language. Imaginairy languages are allowed too. As long as you can hear vocals it’s accepted.
E. Not permitted: Medleys, Eurovision Entries (parodies/covers), instrumental tracks.
F. Any versions of formal submitted songs of SongVision are not allowed. (check the Artists index)
G. Covers are allowed, but the videoclip must be released after 1-1-2003.
H. Eurovision Song Contest entries, parodies and covers of them are not allowed.
I. Preselection entries from the current Eurovision year are allowed IF the song hasn’t been announced as the Eurovision entry yet during the Edition.

A. Go to ‘New Entry’ to submit your YouTube video which can be embedded.
B. Check if the video has an embed code. If not? Check if there’s an alternative video.
C. When a video has been deleted give us a sign for an alternative link.
D. It’s your responsibility to submit valid entries. We will do a validation check at last on Monday after the deadline. Changes can be made after our request.

A. Go to ‘Vote’ to submit your votes. The best 12 songs will be rewarded by 20,17,14,12,10,8,6,5,4,3,2 and 1. We also need 1 substitute for the 13th place.
B. If there is more than 1 substitute needed we will compare the substitutes from other players. The song with the highest amount on the substitute list will get 1 point. (and so on in case of more substitues)
C. You’re not able to vote for your own countries.
D. If we haven’t received the voting form on time, scores will be reversed after the results, rewarded with nil (0).
E. Only active players can submit a voting form every Edition. If the number of players grows and semi-finals are be used a televoting system could be considered.
F. If possible we provide individual voting links to provide your scores. (depending on the options of the scoretable)

A. The results will be published on a post on the frontpage with a link of the scoreboard.
B. If there is a tie we will first count the amount of votes from most juries.
If there is still a tie we will count the most highest marks from 20-17-14-12-10 -8 and so on from 6 to 1. If there is still a tie we declare more winners.

The winner has the right to choose the name of the host city including an video’s. (For instance live performances or City tours). This information can be submitted by the ‘New Entry’ form. Mention the name of the host city in the comment section. The scoreboard will be made by the editors. If there are technical issues with the Scoreboard we will reveal the results on a list from the lowest score ’till the hightest’.

All song titles, results, winners and medals will be saved at the History section. Use our YouTube Channel to watch historical entries.

Play it fair and be polite on Social Media. Players can be warned or disbarred by the Editors.