In a while the results for edition 70 will be published, but before we do so first something to keep you all busy – just in case you get bored during the ‘Songvision-less’ week.

Last year it was a great success so we’re hoping to repeat our best of 2014 list. Everyone is welcome to submit your five favourite songs that were in the contest this year (your own entries or someone elses). The top 3 will directly make the list, the other two will be used in case one (or two) of the songs you mentioned have already been used.

As it’s a little last minute there’s not much sense in making a very strict deadline, so any suggestions sent until the last seconds of this year will be accepted. During the week we will update the playlist on our website and on our youtube page.

Speaking of the youtube page, there you can also find all competing songs of this year. Yesterday all playlists from 45 – 70 have been checked and updated when necessary. For a couple of songs, the original videos were removed. In all cases we’ve managed to find a substitute, sometimes however of bad quality (image and/or soundwise) – apologies for that!

To send your suggestions you may use the contactform on our website or mail us directly on the familiar address that always sends the confirmations (to avoid spam not mentioned here)!