First of all, of course, all the best wishes for 2018! May it be a succesfull and fullfilling year for each of you, with lots of love, health and happiness!

New rules
Since we’re at the beginning of a new year, it’s time for some tweaks in the rules!
A short summary of the changes:
– the way the individual ranking will be calculated. You will now also get points for the 4th + 5th place!
– countries are now divided in 2 poules.
– this is related to bonus points for the ranking that can be gained through your entries in specific cases.
– we’re in 2018, which means that participating songs can be released from 2015 until 2018.
– the maximum duration of the video is 6 minutes.
– artist/nationality
– there’s no longer a limit to how often you can play with your preffered country/ies. However, we can decide to put the country available in case it’s not used.
– apart from the A-Z index per country (which will be updated soon!), there’s now also an artist A-Z. Both are available under Index.
You can find the full updated version of the rules under the Rules tab.

Edition 150: another special!
It’s not that far away anymore until we will celebrate the 150th edition of Songvision. We announced the special edition Audio Only and Instrumental already a few weeks ago but here’s a quick reminder so that you can already start searching for entries if you wish so.
– You can submit 1 song from an album of EP which has no official videoclip AND you can submit 1 song which is completely instrumental. This instrumental track can have a videoclip.

Who’s the last winner, and the winner of the year?
With the last results of 2017 published, we will find out who the winner of 2017’s ranking is.
As stated above, there will be a new individual ranking system in 2018 which we hope will encourage creativity in the entries.
For the results of edition 148 we have used the substitute votes as one player has not voted.
You can find the results here.

Edition 149
Of course some of you have already submitted entries for edition 149. In case you’d like to change one or both because of the new rules, this is allowed.