This will probably come to you as a surprise as we haven’t announced this update, but behind the curtains we’ve worked long and hard to make the new AZ-index clearer and more useful.

So what’s new?

  • The songs from each country are no longer in chronological order. Instead they are in alphabetical order which makes it a lot easier to find out if a particular song by a particular singer has been entered already. In fact, we did come across some cases where double entries slipped through, see if you find them!
  • You can still see in which edition a song participated as the number is in brackets after the artist and title information.
  • In the AZ index we no longer write the results of the songs. We made an exception for winning songs, you can easily recognize them as they are in cursive.
  • The same goes for who sent a song. From edition 70 until now that information can already be found on the history pages. For (most) older editions this means who-sent-what is no longer on our website, but we will keep the old file archived for reference. In case you need or like to know anything from it, feel free to contact us!


The old index was updated until edition 115. We’ve also included the new editions until 119 and hope to add 120 soon. Comments, reactions, questions – you know where to find us!