After last round’s exciting voting Songvision is in Belgium for round 78. The songs are available and votes can be sent from now on.

Before the fun really starts, here are some reminders.

– Some of the songs for edition 78 were sent after the deadline. Officially the songs were too late but we have included them as we were just preparing the video gallery.
Please remember that the 2-weekly deadline to send entries is Monday 12.00 pm CET
and the deadline to vote is the week after on Monday 22.00 pm CET.

– Around Eurovision time we’d like to organize a second chance round instead of a regular edition but we’d like to know if there’s enough interest. If you want to participate in this round let us know by sending us an e-mail or writing a message on our facebook page. You don’t have to send any entries yet. After 30 April we will see if this round takes place or not.
In case it does and you haven’t signed up, you’re still free to take part but in case of low interest there’s the possibility to cancel the second chance round.

– Also edition 80 is coming close and you may already know what that means.. time for the 80’s as we’re having a special round to celebrate.

Both the 80’s round as the second chance round would take place around or during the Eurovision weeks. The rehearsals in Vienna will be from around 10/11 May until 18 May. The rest of the next week the semi finals and finals are held on 19, 21 and 23 May. Who is going to Vienna and won’t be able to participate during these two weeks? Let us know as well!
We will then see how to plan the 2nd chance round and 80’s edition.