Before we get to the 13 sets of votes and therefor the winner of the edition, we have to make a little confession: we had a small mixup with the countries in this edition!

This caused to have initially 2x United Kingdom in the list. The last one, Dua Lipa was changed to Albania when this one was really meant to be the UK. Meanwhile the other one, Panic at the Disco, should’ve been USA instead. To avoid confusion, during this edition we have kept this as it was, however, we will use the correct countries in the official results.

In the scoreboard you will see that the first mentioned song has UK between between brackets, and the second song has USA. Sorry for the confusion!

Enough about the country swapping, time for the results! Are we staying in France or somewhere close, or will we go to an entire different place?

See the results here!

Of course there’s another week to send your entries for edition 203, until next Monday 9 pm CET (21.00h).